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Elle Magazine Front Cover Page Of Milenika Shoes Designer And Founder Elle Style Awards Winners 2015


Milena Hrastnik & Dušan Franc Hrastnik

Goodbye to boring shoes.

Shoe love is true love.

Hello to you all shoe lovers, my name is Milena (Milenika) and I am crazy about the shoes.
To keep it simple, this is a short story about Milenika shoes.

It all started many years ago, when I was sitting underneath my mother’s desk with the pencil (I was seating there because there was an extra box of printing paper on which I adored to draw a shoes). Then one day my mum said that is time to come up and use a table for drawing and bring shoes to life.

And then many years latter, just at the end of studies (footwear design) I was still making them on the paper, and from the paper insted making a true good looking shoes with all qualities, so finaly time had come to make a dream come tru with my parthner (Dusan Franc). In the beginning the biggest encouragement we got was: ’’ Don’t bother it is hard work and no one will buy it (yeah right) or even’’don’t get disappointed when you don’t make it’’ but somehow this already sound like a good start (strange but true) and 2013 we started with first shoes.

Milenika shoes was a fresh breeze to our local community and from the encouragements and comments’’who’s gonna wear that?’’ everything turned to ’’ we want more!!! this is awsam’’ and this is how Milenika shoes spread in super speed from local community to the regional countries and EU and rest of the world like a storm. Exhibitions came, fashion shows, collaborations, magazines … because the shoes were with the signature, truly unique and still special.

Caught with the surprise, we didn’t freeze out but continued working and improving with shoemaking and design…and this is how we started showing in important magazines like British Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan …etc, took a part in many shows and in 2015 got a prize ELLE STYLE AWARDS 2015 for the best accessories and shoe design. (in that moment we were expecting baby and all together everything made that year amazing)

Nevertheless, we are still here and still making and designig amazing shoes for all shoe lovers who know to wear and apritiate good design and uality, and for the onse that don’t …Sorry, we are here to stay 🙂

Yours Milenika

P.S. When you find the shoes that fits, buy them in every colours!

Who are we?

Hi everyone I am Milena graduated footwear designer with manufacturing experience. Passion for fashion, good eye for details and arts ware developed while I was a little girl and just continued to grow. Motto: Goodbye to boring shoes!
Milena Hrastnik
Designer, Shoes Design, Owner
Dušan Franc Hrastnik/FOUNDER–CEO Milenika shoes is two men team! I do all the pictures,editorial,marketing, sales...while my wife does the shoes. We put our hearts in our shoes and all our costumers knows that. Motto:Made with heart / worn with love!
Dušan Franc Hrastnik
Owner, Photography, Shipping
"The shoes are beautiful. Only complaint my roommate had was that the soles are a bit stiff and not very comfortable for all day wear. The craftsmanship was beautiful and looked fantastic."
Donna Foster
"These are magnificent shoes, so creative and comfortable. So amazing!!!!"
"Absolutely gorgeous shoes. Excellent leather quality and made with incredible attention to detail."
"Love my shoes. Great quality and excellent workmanship."
"Very nice looking shoes , with comfortable’ fit"
Matthew Johnson
"Beautiful little coin pouch, smaller than expected, but with a high quality leather and nicely arranged with drawstring in a matching color."

Keep in mind that we truly make 100% handmade shoes, and our stock is minimal due to the range of models and colors. It is possible that you will need to wait for your pair of shoes. However, they are more than worth the wait and are made with just two pairs of hands.

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