Handmade Womens Shoes Yellow Black Turquoise High Heel Pumps Brand Image

Handmade designer shoes and leather goods for women and men – Official Milenika shoes online boutique

Unique handmade designer shoes – Welcome to the home of amazing handmade designer shoes.

Firstly, we are designers and  photographers and above all Elle style award winning handcrafted footwear brand. Secondly, we believe great day starts in the right pair of shoes.

Therefore, have a nice trip to the land of our handmade waking creations and enjoy.

Design of  Milenika Shoes process is centered on sketching each design by hand. Some women like plain classic shoes. On the other hand, other like fun, colorful and fashionable footwear. As a result they appreciate artfully outrageous or intricate designs.

Exceptional craftsmanship of the shoes with sexy cut and fashionable design has definitely struck a chord with a huge clientele.

In short, it’s not hard to identify Milenika’s handmade designer shoes from anywhere.  Black and white striped heels with signature and hypnotic power.
Our shoes, Milenika Shoes encompasses a variety of both women’s and men’s shoes.


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