Milenika Shoes is a 21st century sophisticated shoe brand that offers an empowered sense of glamour and a playful daring spirit. The brand traces it’s roots to Slovenian couple Milena and Dusan Hrastnik. 

From a very young age, Milena wanted to become a shoe designer. She attended Belgrade Polytechnic where she studied Fashion Design of Leather Products and graduated in footwear design. After graduation, she didn’t immediately pursue her career as a footwear designer because she didn’t know how to start her own business. She did a few jobs that were not related to footwear but she continued making footwear sketches. 

Then she met her husband and together they created Milenika Shoes in 2013. Milena’s husband is a photographer, a businessman and a huge supporter of Milena’s work.

The Milenika Shoes design process is centered on sketching each design by hand. The sexy cut, fashionable design and exceptional craftsmanship has definitely struck a chord with a huge clientele. In fact, it’s not hard to identify Milenika’s handmade footwear from anywhere. They have the signature b&w striped heels, made of soft calf and sheep leather on the outer part, interior part and the sole. Their pumps and sandals also spot this signature style heel.

Their attention to detail, concentration on aesthetics and ability to create unique, fun and colorful shoes earned them an award for “best design” in the category "Fashion accessories" during the Elle Style Awards in 2015. They have also been featured in major magazines like British Vogue September 2016 issue,  British Elle Magazine, Elle Slovenia and Lepota & Zdravlje Serbia magazine among others.

The brand’s reputation as a favorite has helped fuel its rapid expansion. In fact, it collaborated with Huawei Device Slovenia to create and gift ten lucky Cinderellas a perfect pair of quirky high-heeled golf shoes that brought a smile on every face. The shoe spots an accent fringe in red suede and baby rose nubuck. Of course, the craftsmanship wouldn’t be complete if the shoe didn’t have the signature black and white heel.

Today, Milenika Shoes encompasses a variety of both women’s and men’s shoes. Buyers are guaranteed to find unique, comfortable footwear that’s of exceptional quality. In fact, the shoes are not designed to follow trends but are designed to suit the wearer's personality. Milenika Shoes aims to put a smile on the faces of the people who wear the shoes.